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Nightmare, Monday morning Nigthmare. Buyer be aware. I purchased this Wenworth Royale an month ago on layaway, and paid in full last Friday, I was very excited and waiting for my new bed. This morning, Luxe-Pedic called me after over an month after I placed the order, that Wenworth Royale bed has been cancelled and they don't make it anymore, and they cannot honor the sell, because they cannot make the bed anymore. I was horrified and shocked that after over a month they are telling me this. Their sales person Mike are very emphatic about the situation, and he is very nice guy, but the management refused to help me in anyway to help me out except offering to give full refund or buy another bed at the price at that time after they have waited till the last minute when they start to make the bed to tell me they cannot make the bed. A company cannot honor previous sales that they are committed, and cancelled the line up without notifying the customer until the last minute when they about to make the bed. This is the worst purchasing experience I have ever had. Given I have to get a bed for the new apt, and there is only two weeks left, I have no choice but purchase another bed from them at the price when they sold me the other bed a month ago, without any discount or anything else to make up to the customer for the screw up they have, except sales person Mike offered two pillow, which really aren't what I need, I would rather they could have anyone to help me to move the bed to my bedroom or give me a discount.

So imagine you are waiting for your new bed after paid in full and you need a new bed for a new apt, and they tell you you cannot have it very last minute after they have cancelled the line up long time ago, either get a refund or buy a bed at regular price as show online as others purchase, the time you lost, the disappointment, and you have to suffer their mistake and their screw up.

I am very disappointed in Luxe-Pedic, they have great sales people but the supervisor of customer service is just as cold and unfriendly as a person can be.

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